Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, August 23

ARTICLE: The Pastor and Evangelism: Finding an Audience (9Marks)

Ligon Duncan on “How Biblical Languages Can Be Helpful for the Pastor and His Congregation” (BibleMesh)

What Millennials Needed from Parents and Church (The Christian Post)

duck-dyansty“Duck Dynasty” Success Thrives on Christian Stereotypes (RNS)

N. Mexico Supreme Court: Christian Conscience Discriminates against Gays (World)

In Germany, Birth Certificates Will Soon Offer “Gender Indeterminate” Option (Spiegel)

Washington: Catholic Hospitals May Be Required to Perform Abortions (LifeNews)

Catholic U. Revives Fight Against Obamacare Contraception Mandate (The Washington Times)

Ireland’s First Legal Abortion Carried out in Dublin (The Guardian)

Malaysia: Authorities Again Stop Catholics from Using the Word Allah (Asia News)

Flag of Egypt

Attacks on Egypt Churches “Worst in 700 Years”: Is Western Media Hiding Truth? (The Christian Post)

Egypt’s Christians Get Trapped in the Crossfire
(The Wall Street Journal)

Egypt’s Example (American Thinker)



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