Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, June 20

Like Jews before Them, Iraq’s Christians May Face Extinction after Jihadist Invasion (AINA)

Iraq: Mosul Archbishop Worried about Water and Fuel Shortages, Looming Humanitarian Crisis in Nineveh Plain (Asia News)

Presbyterians (USA) to Allow Gay “Marriage” Ceremonies (USA Today)

Obama Admin. Cancels Regional Military Exercise due to Uganda’s Laws against Gay Sex
(The Washington Times)

Dinesh D’Sousa’s “America” Marketing Targets Church Groups (Hollywood Reporter)

Where Do Millennials Attend Church? (The Christian Post)

9 Fascinating Facts about People Who Attend Megachurches (Leadership Network)

Turnaround: How Dying Churches Can Find New Life (RNS)

12 Questions to Ask Before You Watch “Game of Thrones” (Desiring God)