Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, March 28

Evangelicals Back Peace Pact with Islamic Rebels in Philippines (Christianity Today)

3000 Syrian Christians Flee Armenian Village as Islamist Rebels Take Control
(WorldWatch Monitor)

Pakistani Court Postpones Hearing on Appeal of Asia Bibi Blasphemy Conviction (ANS)

The Copts Choice: Where Do Coptic Christians Stand on Egyptian Politics? (


Slow Church Movement Fights the “McDonaldization” of Church (RNS)

6 Reasons Why Only 2 in 10 Millennials Believe Church Attendance Is Important (The Christian Post)

Is Church Membership Really Required? (The Gospel Coalition)

Evangelicals Respond to World Vision’s Reversal on Hiring Gay “Married” Employees
(The Christian Post)

Catholic Bishop Suggests: MP Has “Excommunicated” Himself by Voting for Homosexual “Marriage” (The Telegraph)

Is Homosexual Orientation Sinful? (Canon & Culture)


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