Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Saturday, November 2

Christianity “Under Attack as Never Before” (Christian Today)

Northern Iraq No Longer Safe for Christians (World Watch Monitor)

Nigel Farage: We Must Defend Britain’s Christian Heritage (The Telegraph)

The Complex Problem of the Persecuted Church (The Gospel Coalition)

Fresh Focus for IDOP: Where the Most Christians Live as Minorities (Christianity Today)


Federal Court Says Obamacare Mandate ‘Trammels’ Religious Freedom (Acton Institute)

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Religious Prayer at Government Meetings (Houston Chronicle)

Nov. 3 Is “Orphan Sunday”: ERLC Leader Urges Care for Orphans (Baptist Press)

Germany “Third” Gender Becomes Law (BBC)

The World of the Rings: Why Peter Jackson Was Unable to Film Tolkien’s Moral Tale
(Touchstone Magazine)

Be a Zealous Christian! (Challies)