Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, August 15

boyscoutsChristian Churches Warned of Boy Scout Legal Risks
(The Washington Times)

California Court Rejects Traditional Marriage; Embraces Gay “Marriage” (The Guardian)

Should a Christian Photographer Work at a Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony? (Russell Moore)

God’s Plan for Marriage: How to Respond to Cohabitation in the Church (Theological Matters)

Public Bible Reading Still Legal in California (World)

Bible App One of the Most Popular Ever with 100 Million Downloads (The Washington Times)

Wrecker’s Ball Menaces French Village Churches (France 24)

Illinois Church Volunteers Building Airplanes for Mission to Mozambique (The Christian Post)

Church Shooting Processed by Members (Baptist Press)

Review: Struggling on the Streets (Christianity Today)

Flag of Egypt

Islamists Turn on Egypt’s Churches Amid Violent Crackdown in Cairo (CNS News)

Egypt’s Christians: Prime Targets for Muslim Brotherhood Violence and U.S. Indifference (ANIA)

Why Does the Muslim Brotherhood Attack Churches? (Commentary)

What’s Going on in Egypt? (Acton Institute)


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