Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, January 16

evolution.earthEvolution Is Most Certainly a Matter of Belief—and So Is Christianity (Albert Mohler)

Federal Judge Strikes Oklahoma Marriage Amendment
(Baptist Press)

Latvia, Lithuania, and Belgium Lead Europe in Divorce Rates

American Bible Society Selects Bible Translator as New President (Christianity Today)

Tony Campolo to Shutter the Evangelical Ministry He Began 40 Years Ago (RNS)

Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Church Stares Down Government, and Wins (Global Post)

Pope Francis Continues to Make Changes, Challenge Perceptions of Catholic Church (

Church Doctrine, Gay “Marriage,” Colliding in Catholic Workplaces (The Seattle Times)

UN Panel Confronts Vatican on Child Sex Abuse by Clergy (BBC)

Pastors and Sin: Nine Ways Church Elders are Held Accountable (The Christian Post)


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