Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, May 15

sudan 2Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death for Leaving Islam and Converting to Christianity (The Irish Times)

Nigeria Group Warns of Boko Haram Christianity Attacks (VOA News)

LA’s Eastside Church Is Changing in a “Post-Gang” Era
(Los Angeles Times)

Kirk Cameron Brings “Marriage Tour” to Nashville Church (The Tennessean)

Catholic Church Forces Woman to Leave Job after Gay “Marriage” Is Revealed (The Kansas City Star)

Arkansas Attorney General Again Seeks Court Stay on Homosexual “Marriage”
(The Washington Times)

Satanism 101: The ‘Faith’ Behind the Headlines (RNS)

Atheists Didn’t Fail to Expel God from Schools. They Proved They Are a Religion (The Guardian)

With the Days of Comfortable, Acceptable Christianity Over, Don’t Be Ashamed of the Gospel
(The Christian Post)

Why Youth Ministers Need to Be Theologians (The Gospel Coalition)