Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, December 24

starPersecution at Christmastime (NRO)

Far From Happy Christmas for Christians in the Holy Land
(Guardian LV)

Christmas a Day of Terror for Christians in Iraq (FOX News)

What the Middle East Would Be Like without Christians (CS Monitor)

Christians Feel Pressure to Keep Silent about Their Faith, Lord Carey Warns (The Telegraph)

As Lutherans Exit Pews in Brooklyn Church, Arab Christians Move In (The New York Times)

At Christmas, a Rare Collaboration to Restore an Ancient Church (RNS)


Church Signs Roll the Dice Getting Hip with Quips (ABC News)

What Exactly Is Hipster Christianity? (NPR)

The Power of a Praying Church (Crosswalk)

How Should We Cope with Burdens at Christmastime? (BibleMesh)