Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, March 18

Science Mag: “Cosmos” Attack on Church Gets History “Downright Wrong” (Breitbart)

Iran’s Oppressed Christians (The New York Times)

Muslim Herdsmen Kill 100 Christians in Nigeria (Baptist Press)

Pakistan: 15-Year Old Christian Girl Abducted and Forcibly Converted to Islam
(Pakistan Christian Post)


The Story of a Woman Forced into Gender-Selective Abortions
(The Independent)

Principal Banned Pro-Life Student Group from Using Life-Sized Fetus Models (CBS)

Australian MP Opposes All Abortions: Says Rapists and Paedophiles Use It to Destroy Evidence (The Age)

Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green Stands on Faith against Obamacare Mandate (RNS)

Respect for Monogamy Declining in Denmark (The Copenhagen Post)

Mark Driscoll Apologizes to Mars Hill Church Followers for Using Wrong Book Marketing Strategy (The Christian Post)


John Piper on “Lesbian Sex, HIV, Esau, and Christ” (Desiring God)

Is God a Pluralist? (The Gospel Coalition)


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